Chanter Mate®

The Ultimate Bagpipe Tool

The Chanter Mate® is the perfect tool
to guide your chanter into the stock
and prevent your reeds from damage.

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PROTECT YOUR REEDS! with the Chanter Mate®

Get peace of mind, save on the cost of new reeds and the frustration of breaking one when you need it most, just before that performance.

How many times have you chipped your favourite reed when fitting it to the chanter stock?

Frustrating thing to do.
All that time and effort lost!

Time and effort invested in finding and tuning that perfect reed.
The Chanter Mate® will give you a steady hand and help you guide that precious reed straight into the stock without incident.


The Chanter Mate® is the perfect tool to guide your chanter into the stock. Using this easy technique, you will effortlessly and safely, be able to protect your reeds from damage.


The polished finish allows the chanter to rest and glide smoothly into the stock, reducing shaking instantly! No more worries about game day nerves, before you even get started.

Quality Material

The Chanter Mate® will protect your reeds for years to come.
A high quality made product, manufactured in tough material. The flexible design will fit a variety of stock shapes and sizes.

What do our customers say & Chanter Mate in Media?

I think I purchased one of the first prototype models of the Chanter Mate devices. I had a collection of chipped and fractured bagpipe chanter reeds in my carrying case – all hopelessly unserviceable and unrepairable. The cost of the Chanter Mate device is, order of magnitude, similar to the cost of a reed. I have had my current reed for about a year now. It is in pristine condition and hasn’t so much as brushed the side of the stock. The Chanter Mate is easy to use and worth its weight in gold. As the man said, “Never another fractured reed!”. A five star innovation. Campbell Davidson, Brisbane

Capmbell Davidson

Piper | Brisbane, Australia

It’s great to have good technique, it’s necessary to tune and balance the pipes… but the starting point is to use a good and undamaged chanter reed. That’s where “Chanter Mate” comes in. I lost count of the reeds that I ruined when fitting the chanter to my pipes, before I started relying on my “Mate”. If like me you tend to be a little clumsy with reeds,do yourself a favour and get a Chanter Mate.

Ivor Warrell

Piper | Brisbane, Australia

Editor’s Notebook

Editor’s Notebook

It’s called a Chanter Mate, which helps prevent the chipping of reeds when removing the chanter from the bagpipe stock.

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Protect Your Reeds! with the Chanter Mate®

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