The first hydraulic Door Closer
adapted for the Australian market.

For hinged screen doors, accommodates a range of screen doors from 5kg to 30kg in weight.

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Introducing the Hydrauglide®

Key Product Features:

  • Hydraulic (oil controlled) door closer.
  • Ease of installation (easily retro-fits), replaces existing pneumatic door closers.
  • Consistent and controlled closing sweep action.
  • Consistent and controlled latching action.
  • Easy speed and power adjustment.
  • Suitable for door weights from 5 kg up to 30kg.
  • Reliability, longer life of product.

Product Specification

  • Product Colours – Black and Silver
  • Screws – Phillips Pan Head
    2x Pcs (4.8mm x 16mm Self Tapper, Black Zinc Plated)
    3x Pcs (4.8mm x 25mm Self Tapper, Black Zinc Plated)
  • 1x Jamb Bracket
  • 1x Door Bracket
  • 1x R – Pin
  • 1x Pre-set Washer
  • Packaging – Supplied in a white trade box
  • Retail box is an optional extra
Product Part List
  1. Hydraulic Closer Tube
  2. Adjustable End Cap
  3. Door Bracket
  4. Jamb Bracket
  5. Pre-set Washer
  6. Jamb Bracket Pivot Pin
  7. End Cap Pin
  8. R-Pin Retainer
  9. 2x Door Bracket Screws
  10. 3x Jamb Bracket Screws

Quick and Easy

Provides a simple solution for retro-fit in place of current market offerings. This makes it quick and easy to install without the need for power tools. Minimal adjustment reduces setup time.


Superior Performance

Oil controlled hydraulic system is superior in quality and performance over pneumatic closers. Superior performance, provides a smooth constant latching operation that is predictable and reliable. Accommodates a range of screen doors from 5kg to 30kg in weight.

Unique Design

Engineered with a unique end cap and bracket system, to assist with quick and easy installation. The first hydraulic door closer adapted for the Australian market.


Wholesale Opportunities

Please contact us for wholesale quantities and prices.